Only the small secrets need to be protected.

The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.

- Pao Tongson

@ 04:25 Neisha takes a call...

Joining,__us now, on the phone

from New York is Steve Evans,

who was, I believe, in the building at the time.

Steve what can you tell us

about what happened this morning?

Neisha does not acknowledge

the 'plane' and explosion -

however there is a slight hesitation in her voice

when the image of a plane disappears,

'behind' the image of the North Tower.

@ 04:45 the camera feed changes -

showing both Towers

expelling smoke and flames.

@ 05:03 Neisha speaks over Steve:

It looks like both buildings are on fire.

@ 06:37 Neisha and Jim

resume their discussion:

We are getting reports that a twin engine jet liner

was the aircraft involved.

That hasn't been confirmed.

That is coming from an eye witness...

It seems that both Towers are affected by this.

It could be that the aircraft

went through one

right through

and the debris has affected the other Tower as well...

@ 07:35 the camera feed changes:

The image now includes structures appearing

to be outside the helicopter

providing the video image.

In the centre is a device labeled 'WC5CAM.'

The motion of the 'helicopter' is detected,

however, the image of the Towers

remains constant.

It is impossible to hold a camera

trained on the Towers completely still

from inside a moving helicopter.

This footage is 'fake news.'

@ 07:37 Neisha gives a recap:

If you've just joined us

we're just looking at pictures

of the World Trade Centre in New York

which is ablaze as a result of a plane crash.

A plane flying in low

which went into one of the Towers

possible both of the Towers

because clearly now both of them are on fire.

You can see extensive damage there.

@ 08:32 Neisha says:

There are some reports too, unconfirmed,

that a second plane

might also have crashed into the World Trade Centre.

@ 09:37 Neisha says:

We've got some pictures that have also just come in

of a second plane crash.

Crashing into the other Tower

at World Trade Centre.

You can see a huge explosion there.

So a double plane accident

at the World Trade Centre

in New York this morning

nine o'clock in the morning.


Neisha and Jim Fish prattled on

for more than five minutes

discussing what might have happened -

all the while viewers

had seen the alleged second 'hit -

'live' - five minutes earlier.

Evans states that he was in

the second Tower when it was 'hit.'


Evans could not possibly

have been in the second Tower.

@ 04:25 in the first Blooper

Evans is already on the phone with Neisha

when we see the second 'hit'.

He states at one point in the interview:

The man who's phone it is is asking me

he's evacuating his shop and I have to get off.

Evans also states:

I'm now looking up at this building.

Meaning, he had to be away from the Tower

with a view of the Tower.

Phil Hayton is the presenter

in the video directly above.

We Are Change UK interviewed Hayton

regarding another 'cock-up' - as the British say -

which occurred later on during

Hayton's shift on 9/11.

It is difficult to imagine

that a presenter on the day of 9/11

could possibly forget

his reporting of that day.

Hayton's quip,

My memory is not really my strongest suit,

would be hilarious

if it were not for the millions of lives

lost and destroyed

as a result of the War on Terror

spawned by the fabricated

9/11 terrorist attack.

I suddenly saw a plane

flying into my viewfinder and said,

'Gee its kinda close for that to be here now,'

and then realized what happened.


The alleged plane entered his viewfinder

an instant before the 'hit' and explosion.

Fairbanks had no time to say anything.

Watch the 'hit' one frame at a time.

We see the forward section of the fuselage

'disappear' into the building.

The middle section of the fuselage

and wing tip are still visable

with no deformation of the building

appearing between the fuselage and wing tip.

If this were a real plane

that managed to pierce the building

we would see a gash

between the fuselage and the wing tip

where the forward edge of the wing

penetrated the building.

Meaning this is not a real plane

penetrating the South Tower.

It is a video animation 'overlay.'

You cannot prove a lie.

You're suggesting that there's some kind of

cartoon animation there.

You're suggesting that

the news media was a part of this.

Yes I am.

Professor Reynolds further states:

The two American Airlines flights

for an example though

were not even in

the Bureau of Transportation Statistics database.

Meaning no flight plans were filed.

Meaning they did not fly on 9/11.

Professor Reynolds was interrupted with the question,

Where do you think they are now?

If they did not end up in the Trade Centre?

Changing the focus of attention

away from the fact that

AA flights 11 and 77 did not fly that day.

The question should have been,

'How did you gain access to the

Bureau of Transportation Statistics database?'

Why was the media not interested in checking?

Why didn't the '9/11Truthers' ask Reynolds?

The alleged second hit,

as we have seen,

is a computer animation.

We have seen BBC's Steve Evans

and ABC's Evan Fairbanks

were lying eye witnesses.

View other lying 'eyewitnesses,'

USA Today's Mike Walter on CNN

and Aziz El Hallan on Fox News,